Innovative biomass cogeneration plants


Future from the elements

Shaping the future by using our roots – that's how the work of Ligento® green power GmbH can be described. – We provide excellent energy solutions with our biomass cogeneration plant and thereby use one of the most primary, renewable resource: wood.

Since the first plants took roots on our planet, wood plays an important role. It binds carbon dioxide, regulates the climate and provides humans with warmth and shelter. Ligento green power benefits from the outstanding characteristics of this renewable raw material and focuses with its novel technology entirely on the generation of heat and electric energy from (leftover)wood chips. Energy, recurrently generated by nature, is harnessed in its elementary form and made available to our society.  This means: “Future from the elements”.

Think globally, act locally

With the modern plant Ligentoplant, you profit from the regionally available resource wood and gain independence in an environmentally-friendly manner.
Small units cover your electricity and heat demand optimally and locally. The installation of the biomass cogeneration plant Ligentoplant can be space-saving, local and close to the consumer, thanks to its convenient container design.
Break free from big groups and become your own energy supplier.

Natural and independent

Enjoy your independence and stop worrying about rising heat and electricity prices. On the contrary: Use the generated heat and decide whether you want to consume the generated electricity or feed it into the public electricity network. If you decide for the last option, you will benefit from the feed-in tariffs of the Renewable Energies Act (in Germany). Even if you consume the electricity generated by your Ligento plant, you can be pleased with a profitable and sustainable energy supply.


Power-heat cogeneration based on thermochemical gas production...
... uses renewable, CO2 neutral energy source

Natural and regional: Actively preserve our climate by using the resource (leftover) wood chips from sustainable forestry.

… provides, at once, electric power and heat

Both eyes open:
Generate electricity besides heat.

... does not use food stuff as an energy source

Food should end up in the stomach not in an engine:
Invest in alternatives.

... preserves the agricultural area

No place for mono-cropping:
Use the resources soil responsibly.

... opens up residues as new raw material potentials

Too good to been thrown in the garbage:
Transform residual products into energy.

... ensures high efficiency with small area requirements

Maximum performance in the smallest of spaces: Invest in compact plants with high efficiency.

... independently covers heat and electricity demand

Biomass wood:
Count on energy from your region, without supply shortage.

... makes you independent from the sun and wind

Whether it's sunny, or rainy, in winter as much as in summer: Produce energy permanently and independent from external influences.

…is a building block for decentralised energy
supply with small units

Directly on-site: Produce heat and electricity exactly where it is needed.

... avoids the construction of a more extensive network

Decentralized energy solutions: Don't worry about the construction of a network or energy storage options.

... does not influence the landscape

Low installation height and space requirement:
Conserve the character of the landscape.

Wood as a biomass fuels the energy transition

The turnaround in energy policy is in full swing: in 2012 renewable energies covered about 13 percent of the total final energy consumption and thereof, for the first time, about 23 percent of the total consumption of electricity (in Germany). This has been made possible only because Germany focuses by now on a diverse mix of renewable energies – from water and wind energy to solar heat and photovoltaic as well as biomass. Thereby, the biomass wood naturally plays an ever important role in the mix of energies.

Decentralised and local supply

Ligento green power has made it its business to further increase the share of renewable energies in the production of heat and electricity – directly on-site. That's why the biomass cogeneration plants developed by Ligento produce heat and electric power exactly where it is needed.  
In doing so, we count on the utilisation of wood from the region. Plants of Ligento complete other forms of renewable energy productions in an optimal way.